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    May 3, 2016 | By Hossam Gamea

    Obama’s Mic Drop Should Not Overshadow the Bombs He’s Dropped

    People like President Obama. He’s funny, charming, and very personable with his words, but he’s also a war criminal regardless of how hard he’s been trying to escape his legacy this past year. Larry Wilmore said it best at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner when he joked, “I saw you hanging out with NBA players…

  • March 16, 2016 | By Hossam Gamea

    American Exceptionalism: Baltimore Riots and the ISIS problem

    With the growing sense of desperation and fear that the media has done its best to exploit in creating a threat in ISIS towards U.S. citizens that largely doesn’t exist, the rhetoric from leading presidential candidates as well as media pundits has become one that echoes public discourse in the early years following post 9/11…