• parisAttacks
    November 14, 2015 | By Raja Abdulhaq

    Reflection on the #ParisAttacks: Motives and Consequences

    In the wake of the horrendous Paris Attacks, we must keep the following in mind: No arguments, whether Islamically or military-strategically driven, can legitimize these horrendous attacks. Mourning the victims of these attacks shouldn’t be confused with standing with France as an imperialist nation. France is one of the most monstrous colonial powers in the…

  • Scholar of the Sultan vs. true scholar. By Omayya Joha
    August 10, 2015 | By Raja Abdulhaq

    Scholars of Corruption: How Some Scholars are Obstacles to the Mission of Islam

    Throughout Islamic history, and during times of trials and tribulations, true leaders emerge to fight for what Islam stands for, while other public figures and scholars surface as true obstacles to the mission of Islam. The role of the latter, better known as scholars of the Sultan, is critical for the continuation of oppression, injustice,…

  • 15766912027_625931a7bb_k
    July 28, 2015 | By Raja Abdulhaq

    A Black Mother’s Subway Conversation Puts Police Brutality in Perspective

    During my train commute to work this morning, two black mothers were discussing how their children are growing up so fast, and that led to discussing the urgency to “discipline them more.” Their reasoning was the fear of losing them to police officers’ bullets. “The cops are going crazy, they are killing women now. I…